About Bowen Lions Market

Bowen Lions Community Markets has now grown to a point that extra sites are required, this has been done and over ninety sites were occupied yesterday with 51 Stallholders in attendance.

There is fresh food cooked on site with local Cheff Fussea Buggers supplying Roast Meat Rolls, Lions & Rotary providing huge burgers and basic coffee, Warwick Stubbs providing Ommelets, Waffles etc, Party Cakes Whitsunday providing brewed Coffee/cakes etc, Stewart Liebmann providing freshly brewed coffee, Wicked Ice cream naturally made by Ken Cronin himself and Troppo Gelato ice cream featuring Yael Neslovick.

There are fresh fruit & veges with Ron Hold, Mary Hillary and some smaller home grown outlets, local and balinese clothing and artifacts by Col Bailey, Ron Sievers, Paul; Sievers & Greg Locke.
There is Dutchie with his Sinkers and Vic Otto with his fishing gear.

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Hansen Park Bowen